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                  Read the latest updates on coronavirus from Harvard University. For SEAS specific-updates, please visit 赶快卸载!这些APP上了工信部“黑名单”_新民社会_新民网 ...:2021-7-31 · 网络配图 7月31日,工信部公布了2021年二季度检测发现问题的应用软件名单。其中包括酷派应用商店的“天天捕鱼”、中兴应用商店的“别踩白块 ...


                  Computer Science at the Harvard School of Engineering studies both the fundamentals of computation and computation’s interaction with the world. Computer scientists develop new algorithms, invent new systems and theories that empower people and society, and advance the science of computing while working with engineers, scientists, social scientists, lawyers, artists, and others around the university and beyond.

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                  Computer Science at Harvard is committed to advancing the goals of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) by supporting students, staff, faculty, and researchers from diverse backgrounds.

                  Students and researchers are involved in a number of interdisciplinary initiatives across the University, such as the Center for Research on Computation and Society, the Institute for Applied Computational Science, the Data Science Initiative, and the 南京易安联 SSL VPN 远程连接系统:欢 迎 使 用 远 程 访 问 系 统 软 件 用户名 密 码 是否要保存用户名 登 录.



                  Research Areas


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                  • Computational and Data Science
                  • Computational Neuroscience
                  • Economics and Computation
                  • Graphics, Vision, Visualization, and Interaction
                  • Information and Society
                  • 蚂蚁官方永久加速器
                  • Systems, Networks, and Databases
                  • Theory of Communication
                  • Theory of Computation
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